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Voyage en Angleterre - avril 2016


  • Voyage en Angleterre - Jour 5
    "Friday April 29th Today we went to Cambridge and we visited St John’s College. There are lots of bikes in this town. The river which crosses Cambridge is the Cam. This river runs under a bridge, that’s why it’s called « Cambridge ». Cambridge ’s University is one of the best University in the world. Cambridge is famous for its sports : rugby, football... The main rival of Cambridge is Oxford. On the big University, only teachers can walk on the grass. St John’s College was founded in (...)
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  • Voyage en Angleterre - Jour 4
    "Thursday April, 28 th This morning, we had problems with the coach. So, we went to Tesco, a supermarket to wait for the coach to be repaired. We did some shopping there. Then, when the coach was repaired at about 10.00 am we went to Birmingham and we visited Cadbury World.It is a huge factory which makes chocolate. We did a ride in a little train. The chocolates were very good and the people very kind with us. It was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury in Birmingham.After his (...)
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  • Voyage en Angleterre - Jour 3
    "Wednesday April 27th First, this morning we visited the Black Country Museum. We walked down a coal mine, we saw how the miners worked and lived. Then, we attended a lesson in an old school and a teacher showed us how school was in 1912. We visited the village with some shops and we ate together. Then, we went to Warwick Castle. The Castle is huge and beautiful. There were lots of bedrooms and statues. The statues looked very real, it was scary. The weather was cloudy and it (...)
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  • Voyage en Angleterre - Jour 2
    "Tuesday April 26 th This morning, we left Northampton at 8.00 am to go to Stratford -upon-Avon. First, we visited Mary Arden’s farm, William Shakespeare’s mother. We saw animals (pigs, cows, sheep,donkeys ).At 11.15 am, we saw an Eagle Owl show. An Eagle Owl is the largest species of owls in the world found throughout Europe,the Middle East, Russia, Asia, China, Korea and Japan. The Eagle Owl is called Thalia. She flew just over our heads. Then, we ate in the park of the farm. In (...)
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  • Voyage en Angleterre - Jour 1
    Résumé du premier jour par quelques élèves... Pas de photo pour le moment par manque de connexion wifi, mais nous essaierons demain... Monday April, 25 th We woke up at 4.00 am and we left Bonsecours at 5 am. We arrived in Calais at 9 am. We crossed the Channel on a boat. The crossing was very pleasant. In the boat a few pupils began to eat. We arrived in Dover at 11 am. In Dover,there was a trouble with our coach. So we didn’t visit Cambridge because we were late. Then we visited (...)
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  • Voyage en Angleterre
    Bonjour à tous ! Le jour du départ approche, quelques petits rappels : Pensez à garder votre carte d’identité dans la main afin de la donner à la montée dans le car. N’oubliez pas votre pique-nique pour le lundi midi, et quelques friandises car la journée sera longue... Nous nous arrêterons sur une aire de repos entre Rouen et Calais. Si vous voulez acheter une boisson ou une friandise, munissez-vous de quelques euros. N’oubliez pas vos Livres Sterlings, la carte européenne, les questionnaires et le (...)
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